Contretemps traces Romeu Silveira's work during his residency at the Cité internationale des arts (Paris, FR), from January to March 2020. The book is formatted as a large visual diary that gathers notes, references, studies, photographic essays and much of the body of work that constitutes Contretemps' research, which is developed in collages, artist's books, works on paper, interventions, photographic murals, installations, sculptures, objects, sound archives and performance. 

Contretemps is something that imposes itself during the process, that's why this work is a work about the process, which relates all the findings and all the fragments gathered during that period as a kind of inventory about the experience, which was marked by general strikes, cancelled transports and a global pandemic, which changed the whole order of events. Contretemps operates from metaphors based on relationships with the meaning of the word, and with layers that were added during the process (barriers, destruction, deconstruction, tension), such as the concept of being against time (contre le temps), which operates both as something to be done within the intended deadline and in the issue of images that cross generations, the act of appropriating something, reinterpreting it and bringing it back to the contemporary with other meanings and contexts. Contretemps can be a physical barrier, a barrier made with images or the act of destroying the works produced at the end of the process. Contretemps is also an exercise of observation and collection, where elements from the streets are taken into the studio, ordinary objects enter the work as a way of reacting the city, to events

ISBN: 978-65-991687-2-7
140x210 mm, 288 pagesEnglish / French
Design: frombrazilwithlovestudio