why zero-Editions?

We think of zero as a driving force, the starting point of something. We operate with a catalog that exists both with numbered editions and editions that exist only through print-on-demand systems, as well as the archive of single editions, without any print runs. We deal with the immaterial and with what is exclusive. We chose to baptize this editorial platform as zero-Editions because we have no stock, no print run of almost any of the editions we create. Behind each of the publications, there are zero editions.

what is zero-Editions?

A directory, a room with open doors, a showcase, a wall, a room, an archive, a box, a catalog, an envelope, a magazine, a book, a binder, a drawer, a folder, a cloud, a pdf file, a page, an html code, a poster, a billboard, a t-shirt, a movie, an mp3 file, a projection, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, a YouTube account, a showroom, a double-page, a notebook, a bottle, a trunk, a hard disk, an empty space, a blank page (. ..)

is zero-Editions a portfolio?

It is a portfolio, yes, and this portfolio, this directory of publications, serves as a starting point for new projects, and new propositions, both virtual and printed. The platform is born from this accumulation of publications, interventions and editions over the past years. The creation of zero-editions was born, at first, as a way to formalize and catalog all this material.

is zero-Editions a laboratory?

From the point of view that we can launch experimentations and tests at any time, using our digital platform, then yes, we can be considered an editorial laboratory. We like the idea that things can happen at any moment within our platform, whether it is the publication of a book, the screening of a film, a collection of images, this empty space, zeroed in and ready to be used is what interests us. Each page is a room, and each image is a path, a door to that room.

is zero-Editions a publisher?

Yes and no, because we publish books, we organize publications, we edit magazines, but at the same time the answer is no, due to the fact that we don't have the structure of a conventional publisher, nor the ambition of being a conventional publishing house, and maybe this brings along this experimental character, this precariousness, this amateurism, of something never finished, but always in process. We are artist-run editorial platform,this describes us in a better way.

is zero-Editions a virtual installation wrapped as a publishing house?

If you think of zero-Editions as a room with its walls cluttered with images, with tables covered with books and publications, with drawers full of found images and other materials, if you think of this immersive place in which layers and layers of things and projects appear as you walk within this space, and that each item, each object, each project, each sound, opens a door, a sensation, yes, you can consider it all an installation, a virtual installation. And it doesn't matter if you don't buy anything, if you don't want to have any of it, just walking through this space and observing everything is already part of the process.

who is Romeu Silveira?

Romeu Silveira is a visual artist, editor based somewhere in Brazil. You can browse through his portfolio clicking here.

why is the main page not organized?

The homepage is not organized because we want you to arrange this space to your liking, we want you to arrange things the way you prefer, to discover through these layers everything we have to offer. We don't want you, dear visitor, to be limited to our menu items.

is it possible to buy the publications? are they for sale?

Some reproductions, merchandising items, posters, and other items are for sale inside our shop page, for now exclusively to people living in Brazil. The books in the catalog are for sale through an on-demand system for people living in Brazil, and can be ordered by people living abroad through our e-mail.

do you work with collaborators?

We are interested and open to develop work with collaborators, be they artists, writers, galleries, curators, graphic designers, other publishing houses and editors, or anyone interested in developing a project with us, a digital or physical publication, an installation, an occupation. You just need to contact us and start the conversation.

what can I find in the projects section?

You will find web-based projects, which are pages dedicated to exclusively digital experiences.

what can I find in the catalog section?

On this page you will find our latest books and official publications.

what can I find in the editions section?

On this page you will find the collection of exclusive editions, such as multiples, artist books, all sort of interventions, posters, objects, and others.

how can i sell books from zero-Editions?

If you are interested in reselling any of our official books you should contact us via e-mail and we will send you more details.

who is responsible for the website design?

The site as well as the design of all our books is developed by frombrazilwithlovestudio.com

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