30.06.2023 — Things that take on a life of their own. A magazine. Under Pressure was created in 2015 with a proposal to be a hybrid between a magazine and a zine, and for this reason it had to have the following characteristics: have a small format, at most 14x21, have a spine and a fixed number of pages that could not exceed 100. In the end, the ideal number of pages was 88 and it went on like this until the last issue. The first issue, called Human After All, was developed from a folder of references that I used to feed from time to time, without imagining that it could become a publication, that it could have a meaning. At that time, I was starting to get a little annoyed and disillusioned with the format of a fashion magazine, of what a fashion magazine should be, it was the time when they were all wanting to be big, bigger and bigger, with a number of pages between 300 and 600. I wanted to go against that somehow, because a magazine, no matter how hard it tries to approach a book, is never going to be a book. You can change the cover and turn it into a hardcover, you can change the binding, you can make everything look like a book, but it will still be a magazine. This is when I remember Lawrence Weiner, "if it walks like a duck & talks like a duck it may also be a duck". Going back to the content of the first issue, at first the contents of the folder didn't seem to make sense, they didn't create an interesting rhythm when placed in a folder.