In 1924 Aby Warburg began his "Atlas Mnemosyne". In 1936 Walter Benjamin first published the essay The work of art in the age of its technical reproducibility. In 2000 Google developers realized that an image search tool was needed to answer "the most popular search query" they had seen so far: Jennifer Lopez and her green Versace dress.  In 2001, 250 million images were indexed there, that number would eventually grow to 1 billion images in 2005. In 2006, YouTube is bought by Google for $1.46 billion. In 2010, Instagram is launched and 10 billion images are indexed. In 2015, over 3 billion images per day were shared on social media. By 2020, the traffic of shared images reaches the figure of 100 million images per hour.

This issue features the work of @pipietro, @sxnwxn, @cyshimi, @renatacorrea, @virginiaarcaro, Ode, Dionne Lee, Christopher Willians, Isa Genzken, Gerhard Richter, Christian Jankowski, Cris Steele-Perkins, Uta Barth, Sohrab Hora, Robert Heinecken, Thomas Hirschhorn, Katharina Fritsch, Luis Jacob, Gabriel Orozco, Siri Hustvedt and others.

Year: 2021
Edited by Romeu Silveira
13x19 cm, 88 pages.
Design by frombrazilwithlovestudio

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