Year: 2024
Organized by Romeu Silveira
Edited by Bruna Górski,
Kim Coimbra,
Luciana Bastos Siebert,
Manolo Carlos,
Nestor Varela,
Osmar Domingos
and Romeu Silveira
Graphic design by frombrazilwithlovestudio
14x21 cm, 88 pages, softcover
ISBN: 978-63-982642-2-2
Delivery: 15 days (Brazil)
30-45 days (International)

$25 USD

︎PT ︎EN

173/365 is the result of an appropriation and image editing workshop proposed by zero-Editions, within the artistic residency program . During the workshop, the participants developed a collective publication that offers a visual journey through the events that took place in different years on June 22, using an archive of more than 300 images collected from the internet. Each composition, edited and organized by the participants, creates a unique and unexpected narrative, providing a new perspective on how a single day can resonate in multiple ways when its events are put into relation. Bringing together images that capture historical, cultural and everyday moments, this collection highlights both the diversity and the banality of that day's events over time.

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