From July 3, 2023

                        xpress is the zine imprint of zero-Editions, dedicated to publications up to 88 pages in 13x20 format. These publications can be launched at any time, with printed editions available and distributed via POD. xpress comes as a new space where we can exercise and expand our research into digital image collecting.


vvvoyeur : redux

From June 11 — August 31, 2023

                      To celebrate the release of the book VVVoyeur, we host a video cut of over two hours in length compiling the two seasons of the process that led to the book. VVVoyeur is a video series of virtual travels  that took place in an alternate version of Google Street View between 2021 and 2022. The VVVoyeur photobook is constructed through a selection of images taken from each of the twenty episodes that make up the project. From these trips we navigate through the controversies surrounding the capture of images for a geolocation service, and especially, how ordinary people, amateurs deal with the possibility of recording their community, their surroundings, their personal landscapes. In VVVoyeur we are transported inside supermarkets, offices, dilapidated schools, to the top of broadcast antennas, to family reunions. We are the witnesses to the captured moments, we are complicit in the theft of these images.


contretemps or attempts to exhaust a place in paris

50m40s, 1920x1080px, HD video, sound, color     

Inspired by the book written by Georges Perec, this film-diary was assembled as a walk, a train ride, a compilation of observations and references of the process developed during residency at Cité internationale des arts, between January and March 2020, which originated the book Contretemps published by zero-Editions in 2021. By being an extension of this project, it can only be accessed through the QR Code present in the book published or any other publication from this series. 


From July 17 — August 13, 2021

Entrecortes is an archive, a collection of images gathered and appropriated from Brazilian news websites between 2018-2019; precarious and disposable images that come back to life within this environment, where the rhythm is defined by the speed of the click, by the destinations that each of the images hides. An experience that takes place in the tension of sounds and images, so Entrecortes is also an exercise in montage. Entrecortes is a digital installationformed by 40 “rooms”, where explosions, landslides, murders, accidents, global tensions, local crises, tragic events, visions and fragments of reality are stacked, overlapped, creating new senses and temporalities, within a non-linear path.

everything and nothing : a reader

From March 24 — December 31, 2021

                    A digital installation in which the drawings that are part of the book Everything and nothing are used to illustrate a dramatical reading of the short story of the same name written by Jorge Luís Borges and that gave the book its name.