zero-Editions is an artist-run publishing house in the age of digital reproducibility with a practice established at the intersection of art, literature and contemporary image. Founded in 2020 by visual artist and editor Romeu Silveira, zE explores the possibilities offered by an exchange between physical and digital projects, as well as limited editions and experimental projects.

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Librairie Sans Titre (Paris) *new*
Printed Matter (New York)
LovelyHouse (São Paulo)
MagCulture (London)
The Library Project (Dublin)
Bookadviser (Paris)  
Le BAL (Paris


The Intelligent Library, curated by Rica Cerbarano, PhotoVogue Festival 2023 (Milan)
Photobook Exhibition, Festival Zum 2023 (São Paulo)
Photobook Exhibition, Festival Zum 2022 (São Paulo)
Photobook Exhibition, Festival Zum 2021 (São Paulo)


Bibliothèque d’art contemporain, Beaux-Arts de Paris *new*
Bibliothek für Gestaltung (Basel) *new*
Bibliothèque Roméo Martinez, MEP - Maison Européenne de la photographie (Paris)
Photobook Library, IMS - Instituto Moreira Salles (São Paulo)
Library, SVA - School of Visual Arts (New York)


14th Strangloscope — International Exhibition of Audio, Video, Film and Experimental Performance (Itajaí)