FULIGEM — Something that hangs in the air and sticks. An encounter wit situations that took me out of an anesthetized state of routine. Situations in which the figure was almost never present, but somehow its action on the world was perceptible through objects, usually destroyed technological objects.
        The appearance of these objects was recurrent and there was a need to map this world, a world without a specific territory that transformed the focus of my gaze. An implicit desire to catalog. A need for immediate capture - with a cell phone. These objects invaded me, interrupted my journey, unbalanced me. I felt a certain restlessness and anxiety because I didn't understand where my absurd attraction to them came from and, consequently, to these photographs. I molded myself into these disposable things.
       They seemed to hold a secret that needed to be revealed. Photographing them became an obsession. A predatory act. I wanted to capture them all, turn them into images. Editing them became a compulsion. Lovingly altering the framing, the contrast, the saturation. It felt like I was obscenely exposing these objects to the world, even though they were already exposed to the world themselves. I was saying something that they couldn't speak, or I couldn't. FULIGEM is a trace that modifies the surface. It's an attempt to reveal an altered state of a camouflaged landscape and modify perception based on it.

        uba terra is an multimedia artist with work focused on the interaction between human and technology, impermanence and decay, identification and fiction.

Year: 2023
A project by uba terra
14,5x14,5 cm, 74 pages,
digital printing
ISBN: 978-65-991687-9-6
Delivery: 15 dias (Brazil)
30-45 dias (Internacional)

$80 BRL

$20 USD


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