Using as starting point a collection of images appropriated from Brazilian news websites, Romeu Silveira unveils a series of collages that offer a thought-provoking perspective on image consumption. These artworks skillfully merge the fleeting nature of these poor images with the fragility of the cardboard sheets repurposed by the artist. We are encouraged to contemplate these images from the relation to these discarded materials and their circulation.
The catalog also offers a glimpse into the origins of these appropriated images, presenting the titles of the news articles from which they were taken, clarifying the context in which they first appeared. This juxtaposition between the visual and textual elements invites us to consider the intersection between media, art and the fleeting nature of information in the digital age. In a way, this catalog acts as a visual and textual time machine, encapsulating the ephemerality of those images and news stories that are part of our daily routine.

This catalog, formated as a fanzine, introduces the four series featured in the Mundanidades exhibition, which took place in January 2023 at Casa de Cultura Dide Brandão.

Year: 2023
A project by Romeu Silveira
21x28 cm, 68 pages, softcover
black and white printing on white paper
ISBN: 978-65-991687-6-5
Delivery: 15 days (Brazil)
30-45 days (International)

$20 USD



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