Year: 2024
A project by Romeu Silveira
41 color illustrations,
12x18 cm, 84 pages, softcover
Graphic design by frombrazilwithlovestudio
ISBN: 978-65-982642-0-8
Delivery: 15 days (Brazil)
30-45 days (International)

+Shipping Included

$20 USD *

$60 BRL *

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It is estimated that 90% of the planet has already been indexed by Google's geolocation tools using data and images generated by 360º cameras. Like an informational terrain, Google Street View is created from a pile of information and records about places, an open space where anyone can collaborate, literally, with the record of their surroundings. This indexing both informs and alters our perception of places. Post-Paysages presents a series of 41 collages that were made from a collection of images gathered from the platform, which were then digitally reworked, removed from their contexts and regrouped to form new contexts and materialities creating abstract horizons. This book concludes the trilogy that also includes the books VVVoyeur (2022) and Unportraits (2021).

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