Ruínas (“Ruins”) is a literary and visual experiment developed between the end of 2018 and May 2019, through exercises/research of creative/non-creative writing and appropriation, using as starting point works of diverse authors for the free creation of short stories, aphorisms, visual poetry and other textual experiments. A publication of interrupted narratives, processes of writing without beginning and without end. Ruins is illustrated by collages made from selected images from different media during the book's creation process, creating a clash between text and image.
Year: 2019
A project by Romeu Silveira
ISBN: 978-65-991687-2-7
140x210 mm, 200 pages.  
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$20 USD


“ if everything reduces us to zero, it’s from that zero that we have to start” waly salomão  “there’s no mistake in a world of zeros” jacques lacan  “shut your eyes and see” james joyce  “do what you can, and not what you want; do what you want from what you can; do what you want with what you have and not dream the impossible. if you have fifty million, but no light, the way is to do with fifty million and no light." jean-luc godard