STAYNONSTOP — A photobook consisting of a selection of 130 images generated by artificial intelligence. The images are accompanied by fragments of artists' texts from different sources. The name of the book comes from a reflection on how addictive these image production processes through artificial intelligence can be, like everything these days. By placing these images in confrontation with the text fragments, we try to force new readings and the creation of new contexts different from the ones used to generate the images. Este livro fez parte da exposição Intelligent Library com curadoria de Rica Cerbarano durante o PhotoVogue, em novembro de 2023, na Base Milano.

Ano: 2022
Um projeto de THE ICONOMIST
Editado por Romeu Silveira
Design gráfico por frombrazilwithlovestudio
ISBN 978-1-387-85078-5 190x190 mm,
134 páginas, impressão digital.
Entrega: 15 a 40 dias (Brasil)
$35 USD *



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