UNPORTRAITS — An collection of anonymous portraits captured by Google Street View's cold and impersonal camera. The series is dedicated to non-portraits of Brazilians. The images are presented here in a saturated manner, a counterpoint to the coldness of the images found on the platform. Most of the images circulating today are produced by computer programs for other computer programs, which organize and distribute these files in a variety of ways. We are surrounded by facial recognition tools, we are immersed within a new digital order based on the face, in which our profiles only achieve greater engagement when we exploit, when we monetize that which makes us unique: the face.

Year: 2021
11x18 cm, 132 pages, softcover
Edited by Romeu Silveira
ISBN: 978-65-991687-3-4
Delivery: 15 days (Brazil)
30-45 days (International)

$90 BRL

$20 USD


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