VVVoyeur is a video series of virtual travels  that took place in an alternate version of Google Street View between 2021 and 2022. The VVVoyeur photobook is constructed through a selection of images taken from each of the twenty episodes that make up the project. From these trips we navigate through the controversies surrounding the capture of images for a geolocation service, and especially, how ordinary people, amateurs deal with the possibility of recording their community, their surroundings, their personal landscapes. In VVVoyeur we are transported inside supermarkets, offices, dilapidated schools, to the top of broadcast antennas, to family reunions. We are the witnesses to the captured moments, we are complicit in the theft of these images.

Voleur is someone who steals.

Voyageur is someone who travels.
Voyeur is someone who sees.
VVVoyeur is a travel diary.

Year: 2022
Edited by Romeu Silveira
ISBN: 978-65-991687-2-7
120x200 mm, 316 pages
Delivery: 7 days (Brazil),
30-60 days (International)
Shipping: included.

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“ if everything reduces us to zero, it’s from that zero that we have to start” waly salomão  “there’s no mistake in a world of zeros” jacques lacan  “shut your eyes and see” james joyce  “do what you can, and not what you want; do what you want from what you can; do what you want with what you have and not dream the impossible. if you have fifty million, but no light, the way is to do with fifty million and no light." jean-luc godard