A project developed by visual artist Romeu Silveira during his residency at the Cité internationale des arts, in Paris, between January and March 2020. The book is an inventory of events and images that collide and affect each other within a montage based on the overlapping of temporalities and senses. It is a visual diary produced in the tension of a world that was about to close and change completely because of the pandemic. It is a research that takes as a starting point the possibilities of translation of the word "contretemps", both in French and Portuguese, to generate an experimental process that reveals itself in series of collages, photographic series, objects, sound installations, video performances, artist books and interventions in printed media. Contretemps is a printed open studio, it is the record of a moment and of a process, it is the extension of a space and of an experience inside another space: that of a publication. The book Contretemps can also be found in the collection of the photography book library of the Moreira Salles Institute in São Paulo and in the collection of the Roméo Martinez library of the Maison Européene de la photographie in Paris.

Year: 2021
Edited by Romeu Silveira
ISBN: 978-65-991687-2-7
140x210 mm, 288 pages
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“ if everything reduces us to zero, it’s from that zero that we have to start” waly salomão  “there’s no mistake in a world of zeros” jacques lacan  “shut your eyes and see” james joyce  “do what you can, and not what you want; do what you want from what you can; do what you want with what you have and not dream the impossible. if you have fifty million, but no light, the way is to do with fifty million and no light." jean-luc godard