Ultrasuperfície rescues and recontextualizes images from an intimate archive, alluding to a remote period between 2003 and 2005; the heyday of Fotolog.net, one of the first social networks for sharing images. In possession of a camera stolen from a relative, Amanda produced images of parts of her body and face, her room, her things and her friends, creating a profile through which she became known, and even famous, among her community and generation. From 2007 onwards, tired of exposing herself, she gradually detached herself from the Pompomzinha character and kept part of this archive. It is this material, now edited, that the artist makes available on Ultrasuperfície. This artist's book is the physical unfolding of the work presented on the aarea.co platform in 2021, curated by Marcela Vieira and Livia Benedetti. In addition to the text by the curators, this publication also includes a text by critic and writer Juliano Gomes.

Year: 2023
A project by Amanda Devulsky
Edited by Amanda Devulsky and Romeu Silveira
16x12 cm, 134 pages, softcover
ISBN: 978-65-991687-8-9
Delivery: 15 days (Brazil)
30-45 days (International)

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